Huy Phan

Full Stack Engineer

About Me

Huy Phan

Hey, I'm Huy ( <i> h-wee </i> )!


I am a software developer with a passion for building software that solves real world problems.


I recently graduated from Boston University with a BA in Computer Science. In my free time, I do portrait photography, swim, and golf.



SMS Alerting System


Developed a custom express server that sends SMS alerts to users when orders are ready for pickup by integrating Twilio API and Firestore to streamline order retrieval process for a local business in addition to boosting customer satisfaction. Depolyed on Vercel as a serverless function to reduce costs and increase scalability.

Transaction Tracker & Analyzer


Accelerated the development of a transaction tracker and analyzer by integrating Plaid API to automate the retrieval of transaction data and categorize expenses for a client in addition to providing insights on spending habits decreasing manual data entry time from 1+ hours to ~5 seconds. Transaction data is pipelined into a custom React dashboard for client to view and analyze and stored in a Firestore instance.

Business Inventory System


Designed and built a modern and responsive web platform for client to showcase their services and products increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. Developed an inventory system for a client to track their in-progress and completed orders by integrating a custom API that aggregates 1000+ customer data points into Firebase and streamlines order entry and retrieval.

Sustainable Investing Research Aggregator


Programmed a bot that aggregated data from 15+ major news outlets and journals every morning to maximize data collection for intern capstone project minimizing search time from 1+ hours to ~5 seconds. Presented findings and insights to the CEO and senior managers to inform and advise on future investment strategies into ESG vehicles.

Spotify Sample Identifier


Engineered a tool that identifies music samples given the title of a song by leveraging the Genius & Spotify API to accelerate research analysis for a project about the pervasiveness of sampling in the music industry.

What2Eat - Food Recommendation App


Created a web app that gives restaurant suggestions based on user preference or location and tracks user ratings and favorite restaurants.


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Natixis Investment Managers

  • Software Engineering Intern on the EIM Team
  • Developed a web application to centralize a reporting process between 5+ companies
  • Wrote software to validate financial data
  • Delivered research presentation on the future of sustainable investing to the CEO and senior leaders

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Hack 4 Impact

  • Front End Engineer on the Education Project
  • Designed modern UIs for the project's landing page using React and MaterialUI
  • Treasurer + Director of Community on H4I's Executive Board
  • Junior Development Team Alumni

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Comp Sci Ambassadors

  • Co-lead BU CSA's website migration from HTML to React
  • Director of Communication and Promotions
  • Served as a peer mentor for incoming CS freshman students